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Q : Can I get tattooed with parent consent if I am underage?


A : We CAN NOT tattoo on anyone under the age of 18, even with parent consent. It is against the law in the state of CA to tattoo on a minor and is considered to be child endangerment and child abuse meaning the parent and the artist can both be arrested if reported to the authorities.


Q : It is my first tattoo and I am nervous, does the tattoo process hurt?


A : Unfortunately yes. But the best thing is to stay relaxed and control your breathing. Pain is relative,       everyone has their own tolerance and different areas may hurt more than others.


Q : I have a low pain tolerance, what happens if we can not finish the tattoo in one sitting?


A : At the bare minimum all we ask is to at least get the outline done for larger scale pieces. Please let      us know prior to beginning the tattoo if you know you have a low threshold for pain. We can work          with you to ensure a smooth process and split the tattoo into sessions if need be.


Q : Can I bring my Pet into the tattoo shop?


A : No. Sadly it is too much of a health risk for you to bring any pets inside.


Q : How long should I wait to change out my jewelry after getting a piercing?


A : Generally we advise to wait at least 8-10 weeks before switching jewelry out. Anytime before that       you are risking the hole closing during the process of changing. You should be able to change it           yourself but if you need help we can always do it for you.

Q : I've heard of people using alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to clean piercings is that ok? 


A : No. Peroxide and alcohol can both severly dry out the skin causing iritation and redness                        prolonging the healing process.

     The best thing is to use one of the folowing methods 2 - 3 times a day for a full 6 weeks;

        - H2Ocean  Spray (A spray solution with natural enzymes and minerals to help heal living cells)

        - Saline solution 

        - Warm sea salt water (not table salt)

        - A mild soap and warm water 

Q : Are the piercings at your shop done with a piercing gun or a needle?


A : Every piercing we do is all done by hand with a surgical grade pre-sterilized needle. The needle is        less traumatic on the skin as it is very sharp and has little to no level of malfunction or infection in

     comparison to a piercing gun.

     A piercing gun can sometimes malfunction causing it to clamp closed after the dull jewelry is                 forcefully punched through your skin. Also there is no fool proof way to sterilize the piercing gun            itself and the same utensil is used on multiple people.

Q : I just got my first tattoo, what now?


A : After the tattoo is finished, the artist will thoroughly walk you through what is to be expected of the        next couple of weeks. The skin will have a slight redness and irritation for a few hours. Blood and          plasma pushing out of you body is to be expected for at least a few hours.


     We will  provide you with a bandage to ensure you are not spreading or infecting the tattoo                    immediately after the procedure.


     Please leave the bandage on for at least 2 1/ 2 hours and if you’d like you can leave it on up to              about 12 hours. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE after removing the bandage we have provided you.


Q : I just took off the bandage, how do I clean it?

A : Wash the area with soap and water. This is a very important step, make sure you remove all of the      excess blood and plasma that is on the surface of the skin. It may look as if ink is falling out, this is        normal. We advise using an Orange Dial Antibacterial liquid hand soap but any antibacterial soap         will do just fine.


     Let the skin dry for about 5-10 min before applying the ointment to the skin. We advise Neosporin        over anything but you can also use A&D or Aquaphore ointments. Apply a thin layer over the area         of the tattoo. It is VERY important not to apply too much as it can cause your skin to be suffocated        and result in break outs.


Q : My tattoo is peeling, is that normal?


A : Yes, it is normal for your skin to peel after about 4-5 days. Once your tattoo has started this                 process it is safe to stop using the ointment and you can start using a fragrance free lotion. We            recommend using an Aloe Vera or Lubriderm lotion as these are some of the better known

     fragrance free lotions that will keep skin irritation down to a minimum.  

Q : Are there any types of clothing I can't wear?

A : Refrain from wearing any constricting clothes that will keep your tattoo from breathing or anything        too tight that will consistently rub the area.


     If your tattoo is on the shoulder and you wear anything with straps over the area the skin could              potentially be rubbed and affect the tattoos healing process. Try wearing alternative clothes.

     (t-shirts, sports bras etc.)


     If you got a foot tattoo and you wear socks for work we advise to soak the area with warm water            prior to taking off the sock ONLY IF there is any dryness or sticking to the sock itself. Remove the        sock slowly and replace with a clean dry sock.


Q : There seems to be a small scab, is that normal?

A : Yes and no. Sometimes there can be a light scabbing on a specific spot it can be caused by a              number of different things but most of the time is is caused by the skin getting too dry in that area.        Just let it run its course. 


     DO NOT pick at, scratch or peel the tattoo area at anytime during the healing process. We find that      a light press on the skin helps a lot with the itching during the peeling process of the tattoo. Just            make sure your hands are clean and washed before attempting this.


Q: How long do I have to wait until I can go swimming or take a bath?


A: We advise to stay away from submerging of any kind for at least 2 weeks. The first 4-5 days are the      most crucial time period for the tattoo to not come into a submerged water contact as it can greatly      affect the healing process and ruin all the hard work and pain you just sat through. Showers are            fine, and soap and water are highly recommended to keep the area clean from any risk of infection.


Q : Can I go to the beach or lake afterwards and be out in the sun?


A : No. We reccomend at least 2 weeks before going to these types of places as the sun can damage        the tattooed skin tremendously. If you are expecting to go to these places we would advise                    rescheduling the appointment to a different day afterwards. 

     Also keep in mind we CAN NOT tattoo over sun damaged skin. So if you just tanned or got                    sunburned we reccomend waiting until the peeling process has finished.


Q : Can I get a tattoo or piercing when I am sick or if I am pregnant?


A : No. Tattoos and piercings put a lot of stress on the body’s immune system, and if you’re already           using that immune system to fight off an illness it’s not a good idea to put even more stress on             your body. The best thing is to just wait it out, we can always reschedule if you need to.


     Unfortunately we also can not tattoo or pierce you if you are pregnant, the risk of infection could

     not only affect you and your tattoo but it can also affect the baby as you are sharing a bloodstream

     during the pregnancy. Just wait until afterwards or consult with your doctor.


Q : I have a friend or relative who does cheap tattoos in their house, Do you think it is a good idea?


A : While it is very tempting to get tattooed for a low price to save money, it is also a terrible idea to get      bad work. Not to say that all artists working out of their home will ruin your body but a lot of them          are not professional artists. Remember, you get what you pay for.


     We are all licensed professionals that have over a decade of experience tattooing on all different          types of skin. Tattooing is a form of art and you want to be proud of the tattoos you have to show          them off and not hide them. Please leave it to the professionals.


     We promote good work and advise you to look at a portfolio of the artist you are getting work from.        But if you already have gotten a garage tattoo and would like it to be repaired or covered we will            gladly assist you. =)

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